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we're right next to the Birnbeck pier in Weston-Super-Mare

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Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Your shoppe keepers for today are...

We had such a good time at the weekend, but oh boy did it leave us pooped! I slept for 24 hours solid on Monday (might have something to do with only eating sweets all day on Sunday). I know several of you have offered to help out as Shoppe keepers over the next four weekends so I thought i'd try and draw up a rota for you to add your names to...

To recap last weekend we had shop keepers Chipfork, Grrim Rita and me

Shopkeeper Chipfork reads the Beano

Me and Chipfork (aka Si) will be keeping shoppe most weekends, but would LOVE to have some helpers so we can nip off for lunch etc (and not overdose on sweets again) I've penciled in some dates that people have suggested they might be able to do- let me know if these have changed at all, or if you want to confirm a definite shift in the Shoppe.

Sat 19th: Katy!
Sun 20th: maybe Katy?

Sat 26th: Johanna!
Sun 27th: maybe Katy?

Sat 3rd: Elaine!
Sun 4th: Jason!

Sat 10th: Elaine!
Sun 11th: Jason!


Johanna said...

Hey - next saturday should be fine, yes! Not sure about both days, I do have knitting commitments on sunday :)

Camilla said...

okdoke! You're booked in for the 26th then...

Edith Abeyta said...

Wish I could work the shoppe.

Anonymous said...

Anywhere for me, perhaps? Any October date is fine.

P.s. hooray for flying bunting

Kitsch and Curious Elaine said...

I'm still free on those dates, but both days two weekends in a row might be a bit intense! Can I do the two Saturdays (the 3rd & the 10th)?
But let me know if you'd want me to change.

Camilla said...

Jason- i'm booking you in for both Sunday's in October- let me know if that's ok?

Elaine- I NEED you to work every single day! Oh no I don't...the two Sunday's will be plenty!

jen said...

Hey! I can knock about in the Sweet Shoppe for a day if it'll help.

This Saturday (and maybe Sunday) I'll be tending artists at the Royal, but should be able to allow you to not eat sweets all day (why doesn't that sound like a positive thing?? Maybe because I just finished a cookie and want another...) the following weekend.

Lemme know!

Anonymous said...

Milla, I've just remembered I'm in Nottingham for the weekend of the 11th, sorry. I can still make the 4th though. Is this ok?