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Friday, 4 September 2009

Laura Donald brings us The Hulder

Laura explains:
The hulder is a mythical creature found in Scandinavian fairytales. The daughter of trolls, she is incredibly beautiful but cannot hide the giveaway cow's tail. Men can enjoy a very pleasant evening with her but, if they say a single word, will be held captive in her underground lair forever.

Better keep our mouths shut then about the fact that a package of prints has just arrived ready for inclusion in The Mythical Beast Sweet Shoppe (not quite an underground lair, but nearly)

1 comment:

littlemithi said...

Hello ..sorry - that was me having comments issues!

Anyways, Haha! Did you meet the bestman's hoola-hooping other half Janikke at our wedding? Had a green poodles print dress on? Anyways ... She works a month over summer every year on a waterfall in Norway as ... you guessed it ... a HULDER!