Open every Saturday and Sunday from now until 11th October.

10am - 4pm

we're right next to the Birnbeck pier in Weston-Super-Mare

call 0787 6088176 to check if we are open as The Mythical Beast Sweet Shoppe relies on the kind volunteers at The Friends of the Old Pier Shop in order to open up.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

First weekend of the shoppe

Here's the shoppe. We're downstairs in the little black and white building on the left. Upstairs is where the Friends of the Old Pier Society hang out with info on the Birnbeck pier for everyone who wants to know.

I was worried about being on my own in the shoppe on our first day open. But of course I shouldn't have been worried and I wasn't on my own. I had people to help deliver me and the sweets and label them. People to help with flyers and helping people find the shoppe. The people from the Friends of the Old Pier Society who have been so helpful all along. So thanks to everyone who helped me out. We also had some great customers too!

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