Open every Saturday and Sunday from now until 11th October.

10am - 4pm

we're right next to the Birnbeck pier in Weston-Super-Mare

call 0787 6088176 to check if we are open as The Mythical Beast Sweet Shoppe relies on the kind volunteers at The Friends of the Old Pier Shop in order to open up.

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Tizzy Treats are now on Facebook


Tizzy Treatz, suppliers of the sweets in The Mythical Beast Sweet Shoppe, have a new group on Facebook- sign up and follow them to find out where they will be selling sweets next!

Sunday, 11 October 2009

It's all over now :(

lifeboat returning

Our last day and the weather decided to be specially gloomy for us. Not only was the weather sad we were shutting up shoppe, but the lifeboat was out- we watched it come back to the island in pretty horrible rain and wind.

stormy weather at the shoppe

As you may remember I stood on my camera the other day, which means I can't actually see anything until I get home and plug it in to the computer- hence some slightly strangely framed photos.
poor rain sodden arrow

A poor rained on, twisted arrow that once pointed the way to the Shoppe

this Gorgon is sad because the shoppe is shutting

Even the Gorgon's were sad today

packing up the shoppe

All empty- this is Becky helping to pack away the last few things from the Shoppe.

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Blue skies

Birnbeck pier- next to The Mythical Beast Sweet Shoppe

I can't believe my eyes...after all the rain yesterday I woke up to see lovely blue skies over The Mythical Beast Sweet Shoppe. Looks like it's going to be one of those nice crisp October days that are made 100% better by a bag of sweets and some Mythical Beast themed art.

Friday, 9 October 2009


Katy's Gorgon plush are consistently the thing in the Shoppe that people walk over too and pick up, have a little cuddle with, say 'these are so cool' and then have an internal debate about justifying buying a soft toy when they are 36 years old. To help with that dilemma we have knocked some money off and now you can own either Medusa, Stheno or Euryale for a mere £20. Each Gorgon comes with useful information about her, such as the knowledge that one of them likes mashed potato. Either click on the photo or hop over to the online Shoppe to treat yourself to one today. Alternatively come and visit us this weekend and see if there's any left.

Gunilla's altered postcards have also just been reduced- now you can own an original piece of work by a fantastic German artist, for a mere £12- these are based on postcards of her drawings, and each one has been altered in a different way, making them totally unique. Comes framed. This lovely lovely painting isn't in the Shoppe, but shows just why I asked Gunilla to be part of the show:

Last weekend of the Shoppe

It's the last weekend of The Mythical Beast Sweet Shoppe this weekend, and i'd love to say it looks like it's going to be beautiful sunny weather, but i'd be telling big fibs. As long as we don't get washed out to sea we will stay open though.

As well as the real live shoppe we will also be running down things in our on-line shoppe as some items will soon become unavailable- Johanna has already dropped the price of her Unusual Horses print to a mere £10- so snap one up while you still can.

Some of the other highlights in the shoppe (click on the image to buy)

The Adventures of Percy... for a mere £3.00

Yeti brooches from Custom Made UK £7.50

Artist book and necklace by Lost in the Forest (aka Emily Chandler) £24 reduced to £18

Sunday, 4 October 2009


I stood on my camera yesterday and broke it, so there's no more new photos from the Shoppe for today i'm afraid. Instead I bring you this fascinating insight into sales in sweets over the last four weekends.

Top Five Selling Sweets:

1. Jelly Beans
2. Chocolate Peanuts
3. Rhubarb and Custard
4. Lemon Bon Bons
5. Sherbet Lemons/Strawberry Bon Bons/ Kola Cubes

Bottom Selling Sweets:

1. Humbugs (no sales at all!)
2. Mint Imperials/Barley Sugar
3. Army and Navy/ Chocolate Limes/ Cough Candy/ Fruit Pastilles/Liquorice Toffees
4. Dew Drops/Pineapple Cubes
5. Aniseed Balls/Sweet Peanuts/Butterscotch

To be fair to the bottom selling sweets, it's only Humbugs that haven't sold at all- oh and we've sold 134 flying saucers at 2p each!


In terms of art, the top selling item in the shoppe by a long way are the teeny tiny charms, but maybe that's because they are so cheap! And they are closely followed by the marvelous postcards from Simon.

In our online shoppe it's The Sea Horsicorn by Peskimo that is leading the race.

There's only one more weekend to go before we shut up Shoppe- we've had some lovely visitors, it would be great to see some more of you!

ps- thanks to Elaine for coming and being the guest keeper yesterday, and for Jason for keeping me company today.

Open today too

Camilla has opened up the shop again today. She says the weathers not too bad.

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Open today

Birnbeck pier- next to The Mythical Beast Sweet Shoppe

The weather this weekend looks like it's finally letting us down- after three weekends of sunshine so hot I nearly got burnt (and did get heatstroke) I woke up this morning to grey skies. I'm still going to be going along to open up the Shoppe- but remember if you are making the journey from far (like magical Unicorn land for example) then give me a ring on the number above and i'll let you know the status.

Last weeks top sellers in the shoppe were postcards from Chipfork, and rhubarb and custard sweets. Poor old humbugs remain unloved, with no sales at all. Come down and buy some humbugs today why don't you?

Sunday, 27 September 2009

I love being a shoppe keeper!

Shoppe Keeper by Simon Daly

Chipfork made me this amazing picture- it's me measuring out strawberry bon-bons in the Mythical Beast Sweet Shoppe. I totally LOVE this! It makes me think of my Grandma's family for some reason- I think it might be because they all had orange skin and blue hair too...

Friday, 25 September 2009



The weather looks like it's all set to be lovely again this weekend, so we are looking forward to another couple of days lounging around, catching the last remaining rays of summer sun and eating lots of sweets...oh no! I mean we are looking forward to opening the Shoppe up and serving YOU with art, sweets and our charming company.

Last weekend Katy did an excellent job of being a guest Shoppe Keeper, tomorrow the honour falls to Johanna, creator of the 'Unusual Horses' print (a snip at £19). There's still space for a few extra guest Shoppe Keepers if anyone's interested:

Sat 26th: Johanna
Sun 27th: maybe Katy

Sat 3rd: Elaine
Sun 4th: Jason

Sat 10th: Elaine
Sun 11th: Jason

Please remember that the Shoppe relies on the volunteers who run The Friends of The Old Pier Society shop, which is located upstairs from us- if they can't find a volunteer to open up for them, or if the weather is considered too bad to bother opening up, then sadly we can't open up either. If possible try and call ahead if you are making a long journey, or if you think you will arrive late- we can try and hold off closing time as long as possible, but when Jodie and David from Peskimo visited last weekend they only had time to grab a few charms and some balloons before we had to lock up.


Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Shoppe online!

We've started to put some of the Shoppe online, and today we got our first order- which is pretty good going considering I forgot to mention it here. At the moment we've only got a few of the shoppe items listed, but hopefully we'll get everything else added soon- so keep checking back. Prices are listed in £, but paypal handles currency conversion so you can order from anywhere in the world- and indeed we will ship to anywhere in the world, even under sea.

Here ye go:

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Question: How do mermaids see things?

Answer: With their fish eyes.

Thanks Katy


Because The Mythical Beast Sweet Shoppe can be a little hard to find we decided today to go all out on the balloons, in an attempt to lure people in- it seemed to work as we sold twice as much today as we did last weekend!

This way for sweets

Of course there are my lovingly hand made arrows pointing the way as well

Balloons outside the Sweet Shoppe

Someone very tall had to put these up

Balloons in the Sweet Shoppe

heart shaped balloons to give away to small children (and 27 year old men)


balloons inside the shoppe as well as outside

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Your shoppe keepers for today are...

We had such a good time at the weekend, but oh boy did it leave us pooped! I slept for 24 hours solid on Monday (might have something to do with only eating sweets all day on Sunday). I know several of you have offered to help out as Shoppe keepers over the next four weekends so I thought i'd try and draw up a rota for you to add your names to...

To recap last weekend we had shop keepers Chipfork, Grrim Rita and me

Shopkeeper Chipfork reads the Beano

Me and Chipfork (aka Si) will be keeping shoppe most weekends, but would LOVE to have some helpers so we can nip off for lunch etc (and not overdose on sweets again) I've penciled in some dates that people have suggested they might be able to do- let me know if these have changed at all, or if you want to confirm a definite shift in the Shoppe.

Sat 19th: Katy!
Sun 20th: maybe Katy?

Sat 26th: Johanna!
Sun 27th: maybe Katy?

Sat 3rd: Elaine!
Sun 4th: Jason!

Sat 10th: Elaine!
Sun 11th: Jason!

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

When it's gone it's gone

Sundays celebrity shoppe keeper Grrim Ritta of The London Rollergirls is no slouch. She got down to the sweet shoppe on our opening weekend and snabbed the last of the small blue t-shirts from the American version of the show. We've still got other t-shirts and we wont run out of sweets, but a lot of the artists stuff we have is in small limited editions and when they're gone they're gone. And some of them will leave a gap on the wall where they were! We're still open for the next four weekends but they'll be over before you know it. This weekend the weather will be amazing again but who knows after that...Well, you get what I'm trying to say. Come along this weekend. It might be you're last chance for a day at the seaside before winter.

new piccies of the shoppe

First weekend of the shoppe

Here's the shoppe. We're downstairs in the little black and white building on the left. Upstairs is where the Friends of the Old Pier Society hang out with info on the Birnbeck pier for everyone who wants to know.

I was worried about being on my own in the shoppe on our first day open. But of course I shouldn't have been worried and I wasn't on my own. I had people to help deliver me and the sweets and label them. People to help with flyers and helping people find the shoppe. The people from the Friends of the Old Pier Society who have been so helpful all along. So thanks to everyone who helped me out. We also had some great customers too!

Monday, 14 September 2009



On sunday we had one of the RNLI men as a customer. Even though they were busy all day with their fund raising swim they still had time to pop in and buy some sweets!


There are two people swimming in this picture- can you see them? I can't!

There are a lot of dangerous currents around Weston-super-mare but these are the people who save lives when things go wrong.

If you walk along the sea front to get to us you walk past their souvenir shop, so stop off on the way if you want to help them continue the awesome work they do.

Friday, 11 September 2009

Lots to see in Weston this Saturday

As well as it being the opening day for The Mythical Beast Sweet Shoppe (your shop keepers for the day will be Chipfork and Beth) there are a lot of other exciting things happening in Weston on Saturday 12th, some as part of Weston Arts Festival, some completely unrelated. Here's what's what:

Weston Arts Festival Arts Trail- Starting at Uphill Quarry and finishing at The Old Town Quarry.

Ian Shipton Open Studio at 42 Clevedon Rd (turn off the seafront directly opposite the old Tropicana) 10-6pm
Ian Shipton

Weston-super-Mare Paint Jam- various locations around town, but most excitingly at the Tropicana (seafront)

Art in the Quarry at Uphill, featuring site specific work, live music from Badgertrap, help for the love lorn from, sweets from Tizzy Treatz, films projected on the rock face , information about the wildlife, walks and local history of Uphill and an Ice Cream van. You are encouraged to bring a picnic to share with us as we join in on some collaborative patchworking.

Frou Frou exhibition of contemporary embroidery from Joetta Maue, Karen Ruane, Lou Trigg and Cathy Cullis will be opening it's doors as well. Frou Frou is a lovely clothing boutique and the artwork fits in so perfectly there- I suggest you go and buy some art AND some clothes.

And friend of the Sweet Shoppe Becky has organised an event at her house for the evening called 'Don't Snore, just Draw' for more info you can contact her via a comment here.